Product Detail:

The oxygen concentrator is adopted by external humidifier bottle design, so that convenient to cleaned, furthermore, this type of oxygen concentrator will provide the function of oxygen and atomization. One machine has two functions.

High-efficiency, durable and low failure rate because the electric core is adopted by pure copper.


Power off alarm, Overload protection, High/Low pressure alarm, Temperature alarm, Error code indication, Nebulizer, Oxygen purity alarm


Model: KSOC-10D
Oxygen Purity: 93±3%
Flow Range: 0-10L
Noise: 52dB
Input Voltage: 220V/110V
Output Pressure: 30-70kPa
Power: 750WQ
Weight: 23kg
Size: 410mm×310mm×635mm


  1. The water in the bottle should not be too much in case of the overflow (please keep the water level between MAX and MIN), and change the water often
  2. Different bottles may affect the performance of the oxygen concentrate, please replace the bottle with the original bottle provided or certified by our company.
  3. Clean and replace the filter sponge in case of the block of the outlet and outlet of oxygen delivery and affect the life of oxygen concentrator. In order to keep the concentrator in usual use, please substitute the filter sponge both in outlet and delivery with those provided or certified by our company.
  4. The cannula as accessory provided by our company is a sample for a try. Use the cannula personally to keep it clean and health; clean and disinfect it frequently and it is suggested using disposal cannula each time.