Features of MediLux (LED Light Source) :

  • Better substitute to xenon source: Luminous output, CCT and CRI of the light are comparable with a typical 300W Xenon Lamp, while consuming less power.
  • CRI (Ra): Color Rendering Index (Ra) > 75 signifies that the entire visible light spectrum is perceived, enabling visualization of tiniest variation in tissue color by the surgeon.
  • Steady light output: A flicker- free LED light source which ensures clear view as well as assures acquisition of clear images of tissue under observation.
  • No undesired heat: No emission of UV and IR from the LED source, which avoids any undesired heating of tissue.
  • Automatic shut off: With special detection sensors, abrupt disconnection of fiber cable automatically shuts off the light, providing operator safety due to anti-dazzle feature & avoiding power wastage.
  • Plug & start: As no warm-up, cool- down time required , unit turns on and off immediately .
  • Enhanced source life: Long Life LED (>50000 hours), eliminates the need of frequent replacement, reducing the maintenance cost and environmental waste.
  • Automatic Cooling System for LED: Detects temperature & turns on fan only if it’s required which helps in power saving.

Technical Details:

  • ●  Color Temperature : 7650K +/- 750
  • ●  Life : >50,000 h
  • ●  Color Rendering Index : >75